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GoldenTwine Informatics — Introduction

Internet Services

Internet Services — Website & Graphic Design

Internet Services — Website & Graphic Design, Internet Marketing, Internet Advertising, and Online Shopping

GoldenTwine Informatics, started in April 2003 in Kolkata, India, has varied interests in Internet Services like Website & Graphic Design (GoldenTwine Creative), Internet Marketing, Internet Advertising, and Online Shopping. Our speciality is in Website & Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing.

Website — Introduction

Thanks for visiting our website, YOUR SOURCE for quality services for your home, business, and family. We present here a brief summary of all the services that we provide you on our website.

Website is an award winning, family friendly, kids safe, web standards compliant, cross-browser compatible, CSS-based layouts responsive website serving visitors, merchants and consumers, advertisers and publishers.


GoldenTwine Informatics would like to offer quality internet services and third-party standard products.
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GoldenTwine Informatics is an Internet company that delivers Gallant Testimony of Innovations to Internet Community. We excel in innovative ideas and scientific arts. We give shape to your dreams!

Guiding Principle

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (American UN Diplomat, wife of Franklin D Roosevelt, 32nd US president 1933-45)

Official Blog

Official blog keeps you updated with blogging; small business (ecommerce); website & grpahic design and development; information technology; internet marketing; social media; online shopping promotions, freebies, and real bargains; Indian topics and our website.

Official Blog

Monthly Newsletter

Online Shopping Promotions, Deals, Freebies and Real Bargains

GoldenTwine Informatics Monthly Newsletter keeps you up to date with online shopping promotions, deals, freebies and real bargains, offers, and news like Internet trends, ongoing computer issues, and our website that will help you.

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We present here a brief summary of all the Internet Services that we provide you on our website.

Website & Graphic Design

Progressive Website and Graphic Design Service Provider

GoldenTwine Creative is a section of GoldenTwine Informatics. It is a progressive website and graphic design service provider based in Kolkata, India, specializing in dynamic, content driven website design, especially Small Business website design, as well as graphic quote art, at a very reasonable price.

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Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing

Internet Marketing, also referred to as i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.
We help you market your business on the Internet; guide you to set up and implement a successful internet marketing strategy, step by step.

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Internet Advertising

Classified Ads, and Link Exchange Text Link Ads

GoldenTwine Informatics Internet Advertising Network gives you an opportunity to post your Classified Ad, and Link Exchange Text Link Ad under any category FREE. Advertise your product, program, opportunity, or website. For a small fee, you may insert your Featured Classified Ad.

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Online Shopping

Online Retailers in India, Herbal Health Supplements, Pet Care, Fashion

Due to advances in complementary and alternative medicine, choice of good health is easier to make than before. Now there are better alternatives to prescription drugs.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 74.6% of Americans are turning to Complementary and Alternative Medicine to achieve vibrant health.

Home to natural, safe and extremely effective herbal health supplements, alternative medicines, natural beauty products and therapies. Herbal supplements and aids help combat a number of chronic diseases like Arthritis, Asthma and Diabetes for which there is no known cure in conventional medical science.

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Online Shopping — Amazon India

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General Health and Nutrition - Natural Health Products

Homeopathic OTC natural medicines and high-quality natural supplements designed to support healthy lifestyles.

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Natural Home Remedies (Barton Publishing)

Leaders in Natural Health Solutions and Home Remedies

Barton Publishing specializes in providing natural health solutions and home remedies that are safe, effective, and affordable.

Their reports combine time-tested home remedies with the latest cutting edge research and scientific breakthroughs.

Founded in 2004 by Joe Barton, Barton Publishing is one of the most recognized digital publishers of natural health solutions and home remedies, with over 1 million books sold. Their remedy reports combine time-tested home remedies with the latest cutting edge research and scientific breakthroughs.

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Pet Health Care & Supplies

All Natural Pet Health Products at VetIonX

Online all natural pet health care homeopathic solutions at VetIonX contain all natural ingredients that are safe and effective for all pets and animals, including dogs, cats, horses, birds and reptiles.

Since the beginning, thousands of pets and animals have showed successful results with VetIonX products. Every product is scientifically formulated and manufactured using the best practices available and meets with current FDA standards.

With a long-standing history of safety and efficacy dating back over a hundred years, homeopathics are a specific type of natural medicine designed on the principle of like cures like.

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Online Fashion

Discover the Latest Fashion Trends

Newchic was established in 2014 with the simple mission to give people the opportunity to express themselves through high quality fashion at an affordable price. Newchic offers a wide range of products, with the most recent trends for women and men, also including bags, shoes, beauty, home and garden, jewelry and accessories, etc.

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